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I am finding really hard to cope with the bullying i get for being overweight. i find myself cutting everynight i cant live without it. last night i nearly died. and the scars havent stopped stinging since. no1 really understands me and im too scared to do anything. i have thought about suicide for so many years but now i realise i dont wanna die just yet. im scared in case the bullies have pushed me to it tho. theyve caused me to cut my self, try drowning my self, starve myself. i dunno whats next. they have messed up my life. please help :(
I think we have a very similar situation. I'm bullied for being overweight, and I cut [im getting better now] and I purge quite often. And i sometimes think I'm going to end up committing suicide..but then I get the urge to live. You have to stop hurting yourself, slowly. Just slowly try to beat the urge. Then maybe healthily try to lose some weight? And you'll gain more confidence and realise these bullies are a waste of time.
Yeah but i've tried losing weight before. since christmas i've lost a stone and now weigh 11 stone but its still FAR tooo much. it normally all comes back. i have a healthy diet and exercise i always have done. i dunno whats wrong with me coz i do everything that them skinny girls do. im so confused. thanks for your help x


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Girls stop !!!!! If it wasn't your weight, these bullying sacks of shit would find something else to have a go about.

Bullies love to hurt others cos its the only way they can feel good about themselves. You need to go discuss this with either a teacher you trust or your head teacher. There is no excuse for this behaviour.

Find an adult that will listen and tell them the whole thing, any evidence you have; such as emails letters etc.. take them along as well so you can back up your claims.

You are not the problem (fat, thin, short, tall whatever) they are the problem and they need to be dealt with and pronto!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:


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I know what it feels to weigh the same and be the same height.. as I am too.
You just need the confidence, with confidence you can pull ANYTHING off. Stand tall and strong and when they say something to you pretend to ignore it, or better yet, ignore it. You are you. They don't know you. They just want an easy way to be acknowledged.

Don't let them push away the person you are. Be You! And the world will love you!

Take care and Good luck,
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