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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by 04jwilliams, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. 04jwilliams

    04jwilliams Active Member


    I'm 15 and posted on this website for quite a while maybe about a year and a half ago... I've had various problems including being abused by my step dad mainly but also my mum and then being put on the child protection register by social services who have been crap to me and my family (no offenece) and because of that i self harmed.. I have now stopped that thanks to the help of my close friends and people on here but since then everything has still been very tough for me as the abuse has carried on and it is getting harder and harder for me day by day again because im getting older but also because my little sister is getting minor abuse too (or what i had to start off with) and im very worried for her.. ive always been depressed and felt like ive wanted to die for about 4yrs but now its affecting my day to day life as my school work is suffering etc.. My school know and i see a school councillor weekly but recently things have got worse at home and ive asked to go into foster care and have been told that i can't by social services and they also said that i probably can't stay at home so i will have to go and live with family hundreds of miles away from where I am. I tried this a few years ago and it didnt work out so i came back home to my school but if i did it again now it may help my situation at home but it would be just me leaving not my sister because she is my half sister and the family i would go with are on my dads side but also because i can't bear to leave my supportive friends again and the family that i would go with don't have a clue about what is going on... To make things worse the person at my school that was in charge of child protection and stuck up for me so much has just left so im basically on my own again and really feeling so low and dont know what to do.. Does anyone hav any advice?


    Jade xxx
  2. xXWhateverItTakesXx

    xXWhateverItTakesXx Forum Buddy

    Heya hun. I'm in the same boat as you, I have an abusive step dad, and SS aren't doing anything, I have reported him about 3 times now. And I have a younger sister + brother who are being abused too :(

    If you want to talk PM me, :hug:

    Take care.
  3. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    Hi, I dont know where you live but if SS wont or dont help, can't you go talk fo a police officer and ask how they can help you? Relating that not only you are being abused but aslo your little sister?

    For now I have no other advice as I am just outraged but such situation and not thinking rationaly at the moment.

    Please stay safe dear and hang on. Someone will surely give you other or better advice.

    a warm :hug: to you Jade and stay safe hunny.

    granny xx
  4. Melmoth the Wanderer

    Melmoth the Wanderer Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry you're having such a difficult time getting the help you need.

    Why can't social services arrange for you to get into a foster home? Are there not enough available? My mother used to be a social worker, and if a child said or she suspected that they were being abused, she (or the social worker assigned to the case) would remove the child immediately. However, I realize things are probably different in the UK, and here in the US the system is far from perfect. Keep trying, though. Sometimes the only thing that gets through to people is perseverance.

    Does your sister have any relatives she could stay with? Could she come with you? If I understood your post correctly, although she's not related by blood to the relatives you're considering staying with, they may consider taking her in--at least temporarily--because she's important to you. Perhaps you should let them in on the details...But you know them better than me, so do what feels right.

    I hope everything works out for you. Let us know how things are going. :hug:
  5. 04jwilliams

    04jwilliams Active Member

    thnku... erm they say here that they try to put children in foster care as little as possible and because I have family they would place me with the family as foster care is for children without family to support and help them.. I wish it was that simple here as it is in the US cos ive asked a few years ago and was told no then and ive been told no again now! Social servies also try to work with the families in need here before intervening.. They have done this with my family in the past and nothing changed with their help or their little help as it were cos dey neva came wen dey were meant to and things.. sorry but at the moment i think social services are useless to me and everyone else that needs them.

    ye my sister has my step dads mum that she could stay with but to be honest my step dad wouldnt let her go and the only way she would go anywhere would be if she was placed somewhere legally by social services because my step dad wouldnt let her go even though he has started to abuse her to he still loves her unconditionally which is obviously great but not her being abused by him... Yes thnx I may ask about her going into foster care but because she has never been on the child protection register or until recently nothing bad has happened to her i doubt they would take her in...

    thanku 4 helping xxxx
  6. lifeisnoteasy

    lifeisnoteasy Member

    Hi Williams,

    I feel very sorry for you, after reading your post my eyes became wet. Such a small age and so much suffering, i wish i could help you. I will pray for you, may god bless you with a good and happy life. But never leave the HOPE, one day you will be a great person, life started giving you lesson at such a small age.
  7. 04jwilliams

    04jwilliams Active Member

    heya thnx so much! i hope it will get beta 2!

    ive got a little update basically 2 weeks ago an incident happened and social services decided to actualli take some action and put me in emergency foster care where ive been since. They say that i hav 2 option to either go back home in a few weeks or go and live with my dad 300 miles away.. there is no option of staying in care nd so everyfins stil veri bad in terms of dat cos i gta go sumwhere i dnt wna b either way. And as for ma lil sis well socail serverices didnt see her at risk so left her with my mum and step dad so i hope shes okai.. Ive seen her once in 2weeks nd i miss her so badly god knows wat dis is doin 2 her emotional health at onli 8yrs old

    so dats it realli bt i cn onli come on here wen im at ma dads house bwt once a month cos i dnt hav a computer in foster care,.....

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