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Please help

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Lilt, Aug 8, 2010.

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  1. Lilt

    Lilt Account Closed

    I’m new here and I just really needed advice.
    My father and I moved in August last year, we we’re homeless for a month before finding accommodation.
    I was told I’d be going to school making new friends but this wasn’t the case at all, it’s been a year now I all I’ve done is sat in my room, that is all im allowed to do.
    From last October I’ve been trying to cope and keep myself together. That was when the depression really started to kick in badly. I self harmed and was so close in ending everything. My father did nothing just told me he couldn’t afford anything to help me get better and that I should just be quiet. I hardly ate the in the five months being there, one meal every two days and slept over 16 hours. I just didn’t care.
    Sometime I took walks but it wasn’t a safe area exactly.. So I stayed in most of the time. I never felt so lonely and isolated. He was out most of the time and every time I spoke to him he just sat there like it was all alright.
    We then moved to asia with the remaining money and my mother joined us. Nothing changed much, I’m still in a room wasting away my life, I finished my gcse’s while all my other friends are going into college doing futher education. I feel that I’m useless and want to help myself but I don’t know who to turn to my parents cut off all contact from my relatives, my friends have issues of there own. I don’t even speak the language in this country, how the hell can I get help when I don’t know.
    I want to try finish of the rest of my education and do something useful with my time. My parents won’t even enroll me into a school or get me a job because they say I don’t speak the language. I just wake up and go back to sleep, have been doing that for the past year now and I don’t know how much longer I can do this.
    I’m nearly sixteen and I just want to take an overdose and end it all but I don’t want my friends to feel that I betrayed them. I feel stupid and worthless and that’s probably because I am. I’m nobody, no one wants to help or listen.
    Why do parents have children if they can’t even look after them.
    I plan on using my pocket money to go back to the UK but I’m just so frightened on handling this by myself. I don’t know what to do anymore.
    Sorry for it being long and I appreciate you taking your time to read this.
  2. necrodude

    necrodude Well-Known Member

    you could try part time work to raise money. sounds like your family has financial issues. i wouldn't advise moving back to the uk as you would probably end up in a hostel or homeless. try giving where you are a chance. try the language, look for work. don't let your life rot, because of inaction.
  3. loser

    loser Well-Known Member

    You have not said where you are. You have GCSE and excellent English, which seems to be your native language. Perhaps you are British citizen with passport. Your present circumstances are really tough but you do seem to have a lot of potential. Your parents may well have problems which they feel they cannot discuss. No point in blaming them or yourself.They may feel guilty about not being able to look after you properly. Do they not speak the language you need to learn? If you have access to computer and internet use it to learn. There are a lot of educational programs. Try to keep as fit as you can. Be a survivor.
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