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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Andre, Oct 12, 2010.

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  1. Andre

    Andre New Member

    My roommate has been showing signs of depression ever since his mom died at the age of 8, but never really shows it. He also is the sort of guy who tries to help everyone with their problems seeming to overload himself with others stress. We are both 17 now and he has been in a complicated relationship with his girlfriend for about a year. He often has other girls over night and I think he recently cheated on his girlfriend just last night.

    Now he has a strange mentality, he loves his girlfriend (always spends time with her when he can and is spending $2000+ on a trip for her). Yet despite of all this he still cheats on her and even admits to hating himself for what he does.

    Just about an hour ago (it's 1:30am now) I saw him crying and I followed him and tried to ask what was wrong. He told me that it was too late to talk about it and I knew he had done something stupid. I continued to follow him and he began to run away. I chased him and he ran into the forest and my friend met up with me to go find him (my friend knew he was doin this because the girlfriend called saying that he had said his last goodbyes to her). After finding him covered in mucus and passed out only a few minutes after we rushed him to emergency and he is currently there now.

    So now I think he will be ok but I know he is very likely to try this again (my brother died from suicide and had attempted it once before). The thing I would like to know is what should I do to stop him from trying this again.

    My friend had talked with him just a few hours before he made the suicide attempt and knew he was depressed, making many valid points which didn't work. Bringing up such points as:

    -His Girlfriend Obsession: he told him that even though they may have broke up that he should get over her and that there's a vast amount of other perfect women in the world waiting for him

    -More to Live for: he doesn't have a set passion with this being the last year of school and is just taking heavy course load to keep his options open. My friend went into suggesting to find a goal

    -We All Care for You: He doesn't think as though any friends truly like him even though a lot of us do more then he could imagine and he really is a great guy.

    My brother died without me having a chance to talk to him about it (we didn't live together) and when I look back I think that if I were to have talked long and hard I might've been able to help him. I have the opportunity to stop my roomate, my good friend whom I care so much about from ever trying this again and to make his life better. Can anyone who has gone (or is going) through something similar give me any advice. What can I possibly tell him that hasn't already been said to make him have a passion to keep on living.
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    i too wish i had a chance to help my bro who committed suicide i did not
    The pain they have inside prevents them from hearing logic from seeing clearly
    What you can do is be a friend and just listen and care get him help professional help that is all you can do is make the hospital keep him and give him the help he needs meds therapy. I am sorry you lost your bro and i hope your friend gets professional help.
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