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Please Help

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I am currently sedated. If i wasn't...
I suddenly have everything i need. I am scared. If i knew it would result in oblivion and there were no loved ones who would grieve I would. If i wasn't sedated I'm afraid I would anyways. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! If anyone here thinks they can help please respond! Please. Thankyou.

total eclipse

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You need to get rid of all the things that will b ring you harm throw them away okay then the fear will subside. you can call crisis line talk to someone who can bring some calm to you hun or go to hospital ifyou feel unsafe. What has you so upset hun


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Please get yourself to a safe situation...be with someone and talk to your doctor, therapist, etc...also please let us know how you are doing


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* hugs * please get help, try going to some one you feel safe with or talk to a therapist or some one like that, or else I think you can always talk to me or one of the others who've posted on your thread
take care
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