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I am depressed and I want this to go away before I can harm myself. But as much as I try I wont go away. What should I do? I really can't leave like this anymore. Please help me I wan't this to end and have a normal life.


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HI Nicol.. do you currently have a doc, GP or psychiatrist that maybe ccan help you out with some trials with antidepressant meds?? they really can help if you find the right combination for youself..

also perhaps also getting yourself a mental health threrapist if yo udo not have one now.. mine has saved my life and well being many times nicely..

also some posting here on suicide forums about just what is ganging up on you now with a few details about your current situation..

know this all maybe scary as hell to you but it also can help you and maybe make a couple of good friends in the process.. best wishes and take care, Jim
Thanks but the thing is that I have no money and no health inssurance because I am in a diffrent country and I know that I need help and I really want to be helped thats why I post here maybe someone could help me even if is virtual.


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hi again Nicol.. lots of possibles thru government sometimes to get an almost free mental health counseling and medications if you look for it.. maybe even in your locality.. while you are looking and checking that out, feel free to post and chatrooms on here.. you seem to have a computer now and want to try .. that is all it takes to get some talk with other people on here..

Nicol, i know depression inside and out and down and up a bit for most of my life.. last episode was me and my disabled son johnny hiding from the world for about 12 yrs.. we were in a situation which maybe very similar to yours now.. say this to you cause what really helped us , was to find a website like this and just start talking..

lots of people here lthat been thru and still going thru it now situation just like yours.. me for one.. i am not dangerous and do not bite hardly ever..LOL i would love to start talking with you at your own pace.. in chat, on the forums or privately in an exchange of messages as we can..

just an invitation to you.. best wishes and take care, jimk
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