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    Alrigt idk if i am posting this on the correct page so please bear with me.
    What is the point of it all? Nice guys always finish last is the phrase people use yes? So the whats the point? Every girl i have affections for always feel differantly or trys to pull the can''t we just be friends bullshit. Then wtf is the point? The point in life is to find love an happiness yes? Well when you can't find love then aren't you basically walking straight into a wall? Which i am a 28 year old male so as to solve a little confusion. I had my first attempt at 16 years old which i have learned is just a cry out for help. If you want it done it would be done. But i am starting to now understand that why the fuck attempt? My life is shit, my mantality (in this current world) is shit. No one understands where i come from. I'm a lover quiet honestly. I just wish for people to be happy an treat others with respect. But how can i teach someone to love another when i can't even love myself? My ideals are just are they not? I just want peace.. even with your worst enemy just hear them out. Everyone has a story to tell so maybe that story will allow you to relate to them. But in this day in age no one wants to hear that. They just want to hate. I don't want to live in a world like that. Which is my basic cry out for help now. I'm a border line suicide victim. Which for the younger viewers please don't think that this is how it turns out. Life is what you make of it an how you relate to it. Me personally in my town is how it is.But honestly wtf is the point? You want to be happy, you want to find love. It's the fundamentals of life. Treat others how you want to be treated an never judge someone until you honestly know their inner workings. As i stated before i am 28 i have learned my closest friends inner workings. An its filled with hate. Even the people are not my inner friends they are all filled with hate. Why live in a world that hates uppon everyone? Wether it be race or belief or whatever. There is no love in this world anymore other than for your close family. I think day in an day out of just killing myself an honestly idk what keeps me here anymore. I just need help!!
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    Hi Jack sorry you are feeling so low I hope you can let go of such freinds that do more harm then good and find new friends hun ones that can see the good inside
    It is hard the world can seem so dark but there are good people hun there are hugs
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    Which may be true but i have lived my entire life being misunderstood. Quiet honestly i am a very nice guy which will take personal pain rather than causing pain on another. I always try to give everyone the benifit of the doubt. The most annoying of it all is no one seems to do the same for me. They just see a dude they don't understand. Which as in all cases of man kind when you don't understand it you instantly hate it, sad but true. Idk my timeline is running short it seems. I try an be optimistic day by day but there really is no point. I no longer have energy, i no longer wish to be with the people i a month ago would drop everyhing to go an see. I just simply don't care anymore, an quiet honestly just want to die. I had a good run an tried my hardest to grow passed what i knew deep down inside. But believe now that i was just running from the inevitable. I know i'll never take my own life but you find that no matter if you do or don't you become simply dead inside. Which i feel that now.