Please hold on

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  1. ~Hold on
    To something
    It's better
    Than nothing
    If you let
    It beat you
    The regret
    Will eat you
    If it comes
    To this
    Remember that
    You'll miss
    The best
    Of times
    Let them
    You never
    To fall
    You'll conquer
    It all
    If you try
    Hard enough
    You'll win
    It might be rough
    Just hold on
    You must never
    Let go
    If you ever
    Feel down
    Or out
    Remember to
    Think about
    You care for
    It's too much
    To ignore
    So hold on
    This I say
    Things will be
    Better one day
    The lowest one
    Only goes up
    You'll never know
    How very much
    It all means
    Untill it's gone
    I beg you please
    Just hold on~

    Wow. Not my normal style......
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.