Please, i can't get into the chat room, and i need to talk

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I am on the verge of collapse here, I need to get int the chat room, it might be cause I am out of my mind, but I cvan't login... help?
I dont' know, I have spent my whole life working, I ain't got nobody, I just work all the time. And now, I drink. I have been drninking and poppping pills for an hosur now, and i dunno what the hell to do, I just wanna find something to live for.a


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please dont take any more pills hun, if youve taken a lot i recomend you go to the hospital asap

only you can find what you want to live for but its something you just have to keep looking for. do you like your job? if you dont you could always look for something more fulfilling, you could try to get some more qualifications in your spare time and work towards something you really love


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Hi Fez,

Welcome to the forum.sometimes when you are feeling that low its hard to find anything good in youre life.there are many of us here who have had similar experiences.i work allot too and when i joined here i had no friends at all.all i did was work,eat, and sleep. it can get very lonely and heartbreaking.i do think you have come to the right place an am glad you found the site. hopefully through talking here you can gain some friendships and we can help guide you through this time in youre life. sometimes it helps to talk to people who have had similar experiences and who understand you.hopefully we can be friends. but i think the first thing is to make sure you are physically ok.what kind of pills did you take? how many?
I will not die tonight, I just want to talk.
and I have taken hydros- 4 of the Watson 3202... maybe 6. I lost count, but somewhere in there/.
:welcome: to SF! Sorry I wasn't here to catch ya, I was kinda sick so I don't know how much help I could have been. But I hope you are ok....But keep in mind now you have SF, you'll have people to talk with, friends, understanding people who have or are experiencing the things you have or are, and you can be the real you, and you can vent and vent until you are blue in the face and noone will hold it against you.

Take Care, and I hope to see you around real soon, if you come back I should see you because I am online everyday and hour at minimum....:wink:

Keep your chin up, things seem hopeless but depression and ect blinds you of the reality of what's happening and what you really feel and care about. Don't let the evil illness win, just take it small steps, one day at a time, because when we take it all to weeks, months even years, we panic and have meltdowns, so focus on correcting thoughts, making them possitive and taking care of you.

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:



~With caring thoughts,
Carolyn~ :rose:

PS ~ You can PM me anytime at all! :hug:
I am sorry if I worried anyone, and despite a rough introduction to this place, I think I should keep visiting. To describe my general condition, I am not suicideal, though I have been in the past on a number of occasions. I have a long history of Self harm in pretty well every form. I have alot of trouble expressing myself emotionally, and I think that has alot to do with my problems. At the moment I consume somewhere between 200-300 USD worth of drugs and alcohol every two weeks, and pretty well do it nightly. I know I can't go on like this forever, and it comes down to either killing myself or changing who I am, but I have no idea of how to do it. It really does make me feel bad to see how what I am doing is affecting the people around, so I have to start lying so that they are happy. I don't see much value in my life, and I REALLY want to. Every day I wake up I am surprized I am still alive. I really don't know what to do with myself, I used to want to be in the military, but I can't see that happening anymore, and I can't stand just living. thank youi if you read all of this, and I look forward to getting to know you all. I hope by the end I will have contributed something to the rest of you.
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