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please i need help!!

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a friend i met online is planning to end it tomorrow or possibly tonight. we are thousands of miles apart and i cant be there with him and the only thing i can do is reach him by email. i sent him too many, and he hasnt responded but i know it is late night/early morning over there right now. im just so afraid he's going to die. i am so scared and dont know what to do. i have no one i can talk to about this. i love him so much and it is tearing me apart. i dont want him to die. i cant get to him. oh god! i just dont know what to do. please, i need help!


I'm positive he loves you very much, with all his heart. If God is on his side, you will be together someday. x


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Hi - I hope that he doesn't go through with it, but if the worst happens, remember that it's his choice, and his responsibility, not yours. We can only ever be responsible for our own actions. The most you can do for someone else is be a good and caring friend, and it sounds to me like that's what you are.

I hope it works out
S x
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