Please just kill me already.

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  1. Ever prayed to God in the middle of doing something, just inside your head, maybe not even to God just that begging. Just that please kill me constantly chanting through your head.
    Pulsing around your veins, drowning in the blood that seeps through jagged lines just to prove you can be worth death. Just to prove you really want it.

    I do, so much. It hurts so much inside my chest and I can't take it anymore.

    Everyone says I'm young {16} and have so much left to do but what can I do when if I do do it it's alone and I will only hurt when doing it.
    Why should I live on for 50 more years in hope something will happen, even though I know it wont, just on the off chance someone might not find me disgusting, which they wont.

    Please. Kill me. Please.
  2. csmitty

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    Teenagers are notoriously mean. Believe me, it gets better in your 20s. Stick it out and you will find people you can relate to and forget the rest.
  3. Please, please, please, please don't. They are people out there who understand. Unfortunately, we're the quiet ones so you don't meet us. But, the older you get, the more you meet grown-up people. Trust me. Hang in. I was a shy little brown refugee and was called a Pakie. At home, there was abuse. But, I hung in and you would be really surprised at the beautiful things you encounter as you grow up.
  4. It's home too, everywhere I go people abuse me, so much and I can't ... I just don't want this anymore.

    I never have and it's only getting worse.
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