Please just let me forget you

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by closertolove, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. closertolove

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    i always fall for the guys who are the worst for me, and it sucks. this one guy just won't get out of my head, despite the fact that he left for college and i haven't talked to him since february. i really shouldn't have thought about him, except for the fact that i dream about him every so often. and the weirdest part, i'll wake up and feel the sensation... like if i dreamt we held hands, i'll wake up remembering the feeling of his callused palms. if i dreamt we were cuddling and he kissed my forehead, i'll remember the feel of his lips on my forehead. yet all this kid's done is hurt me. he refuses to be friends with me whenever he's dating anyone because "he has a girlfriend" and just can't do that, but then the next day we'll be hanging out like nothing's wrong. i can't have another hot-cold person do this

    please, I, just let me move on... i don't want to think about you any more... go torture someone else
  2. Chargette

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  3. ashes_away

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    it sounds like he is enjoying having you wrapped around his finger this way.I hope you find someone new and find happiness again.Time really does heal a broken heart.It doesnt heal much else though lol.
  4. shefallsasleep

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    You need to get this man out of your life, from experience I know being picked up and dropped again makes everything a thousand times worse. I know how hard it is not to think about someone, I find it so hard too and sometimes I just wanna scream and punch something coz I find it s frustrating! The only person that can stop you thinking about him is you, sometimes you are your own worst enemy, and thats how I feel now. Im trying to get over someone too but I can't stop myself thinking about him and us x
  5. lost43215

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    Yep... will def have to get over him... even if he does change and is nicer to you, I wouldnt start going out with him. As for fantisizing about him, I dont see huge harm in continuing to do so... im guessing it kinda fills part of a gap that would just be huge and empty otherwise. Cheer up, you'll nab someone :)
  6. closertolove

    closertolove Well-Known Member

    yeah... the fantasizing makes me want to talk to him and be friends with him again

    and thats not good
  7. privatename

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    Yeah, I also have someone I can't get out of my head. They treated me rather poorly too. I know it is stupid caring for someone that doesn't care back. I wish I could make this horrible feeling go away. :(
  8. Stormhand

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    I can relate, almost a year ago this month, I got back with someone I knew in high school.
    I had high hopes, but on account I had not saw her so long I wanted to get to know her again..cause people change...she on the other hand wanted it all fast..I had hi hopes cause I still saw her as the same person I knew in high school, but she wasn't, she had got introverted and well..dishonest.
    Cause in teh end she could not even tell me to my face that she was leaving me, instead she told a mutual friend and asked her to do it for her, when after she asked me on myspace later that night if I would be friends with her, i said no, cause of how it hurt so much, and well aside from being dishonest she had a bad tendency of talking about ppl behind their backs and talking crap about them, even me.

    Right now if I have any problem its that I need to learn I can trust women again.
  9. shefallsasleep

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    I feel the same bur obviously with men, my first love broke my heart and in the end i took an overdose, it made me not be able to trust anyone i was with and this was a factor when the love of my life broke up with me a month ago. ive hadmy heart broken twice now and i really really couldnt take a third time, im barely alive now. its guna be hard to start to trust again, but hopefully we can do it!x
  10. Remedy

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    What do you like about him? Sometimes we can make relationships out to be better than they are/were when we haven't seen someone for a while.
    It doesn't sound like he is very good for you.. but at least you recognize that.
    Keep in mind that no one out there is really that unique. You'll find someone else similar or more suited to you in time.
  11. Stormhand

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    I learned one thing, no one is not worth taking my life for.
    But I will admit I have thought of it, after how my last gf dumped me, it was cause I am not loaded enough, to take care of her problems. I had such hi hopes, she was just not the same person i knew in high school, that's why i wanted to take the time to get to know her instead of getting too close too fast. Even with the precautions I took it still hurt, took me 4 months to get over her, but after that I just feel I am not good enough for anyone.
    I just have some problems ( epilepsy) that I believe noone would want to put up with, which render me uncapable of finding anyone that would want to love me.
  12. Godsdrummer

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    I cut my g/f loose to go back to my exwife. And there isnt a day that goes by when I dont think about her and the love we shared.

    I really miss her dearly. And even though I am happy to be with my ex, I still feel a close connection to my ex g/f. I wish I could forget her too.

    But she will always have a place in my heart.
  13. closertolove

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    its slowly getting easier

    i hated how he made me feel, like how one minute id feel like i was his world and the next i was nothing to him. it was the most bipolar, awful flirtatious friendship ever. i never pestered him for anything more than friendship, and this is what he does? i'm getting over it