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    i dont know if a thread like this exists but i need to start one just to vent. really completly get everything out because its driving me up the wall.

    every single day i come on here and it feels like there is a thread or at least something having a go at staff. for gos sake its so unfair to those that have had the nerve to want to deal with this place a bit more than just be a member. ive been on other forums and the staff here do an EXCELLENT job compared to other places. they deal with the problems going on. they didnt have to bring in that new system but they did for all of us here. to stop the place from going downhill. they deal with all of the shit going on here as well as the problems they have in their own personal lifes. it cant be easy and i applaud the staff here. its hard enough to leave your problems at work. let alone come home to somewhere where you hope to get help and get them!

    and will people stop comparing now to 2years ago. its not 2years ago its now. im sure back then wasnt perfect either. people have since joined to get support. im sure that the people who were here 2years ago are getting support from the members who werent around back then

    so can we please stop bashing all the staff. they are human. they are fighting the same battles that the rest of us fight on a daily basis here. is that really too much to ask?
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    Can I put my 2 cents in?

    I completely agree. They are human like us, with problems like us.

    Yet braver than many of us.
    I get sick at some of the things I read, and there are pages I can't even look at because I know it will take me over the edge. Im too weak for that. Too weak to help out.
    But the brave staff here have volunteered to do that. To try to keep us all safe.
    They will make mistakes from time to time they are imperfect.
    But they try. Isnt that enough reason to give them some gratitude?

    Just my humble opinion.
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    DITTO!!! I agree the staff here do a great job to look over so many members. I have said basically the same thing in a couple of replys to others. YOU Mods and Admins. are great at what you do and I am very appreciatetive of that!!!~Joseph~
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    the staff obviously care about this forum and its members and dont deserve the bashing.