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    I had to look for a job this past week, and I'm telling you I think I'm hitting the information overload button like again and again and thumb has actually morphed into the button so it's almost convenient now when I go nuts it'll just be there all the time.'s just another website to confuse you and overload your work. Why not just have ONE giant website that pools all job ads into one window so you can see it in one way, one frame, one piece, one sanity!!??

    Am I wrong to want a little more stability in my life than I already DON'T have? At the moment, I've got 10 resumes and 10 coverletters with a few extra resumes in my backpack and I'm out of my job on the 29th so it's really hard just thinking of what I'm gonna do if I don't land a job...I mean, a JOB as in 50-60 hours a week pulling in at least 2000 a month! I wish

    So, without any wait I went to a bunch of cafes, restaurants, bookstores downtown and got applications from them, then made my own resumes and coverletters here at the library and now I'm thinking what the hell do I do...

    I bought a nice jacket for 18 at the mall just so i would look at least a little human, and a little normal so they would hire me tomorrow on my hunt.

    where else should i look for a job? i get a little nervous thinking about all the different requirements some companies don't like you to walk in and ask for a job some do...some want coverletters some will just throw you in the trash for one, some want you to do this this and this and some don''s just too much hassle I just want to work at a good job at get paid.

    can't i just write on my resume that I can type, I can talk, I can read, I can spell, I can count, I can smile at whoever you want me to smile at and I can kick whoever you want me to kick I just want some damn money and I'll make you money while I'm at it and if you don't hire me I don't give a crap just please email me and say "you aren't what we're looking for " not leave me out of the loop and waiting for a week or so and then find out you got someone else...

    btw...hows working at a restaurant? I dont mind the 8.50 min pay just as long as i get tips

    anyone else have any interview or job hunt experience they can share ?

    I also advise a good perfume bc I felt so bad the other day i got out of work at like 3 and ran to the bus stop to get a bus to another place then walked all day looking or a job and i had no deodorant to put on because i was running low on money and had to use my old deodorant that doesn't work too well and also i was wearing my jacket which is old like most of my clothes and doesn't do well if you sweat or anything like that i felt horrid and subhuman at one point but hopefully I'll find something that can make me smell good so at least the memory of my smell might trigger someone to give me a job???

    *goes back to staring at bank account online* if that number so much as moves I will scream
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    Well I hate to say this but I love the thrill of the hunt when it comes to looking for a new job, so much infact that I will hunt for jobs when I am happy with where I work just to hone up on my skills, plus it feels great when they want to hire you and you can just say no thanks I have a better offer. On to the next part, yeah I just had an interview from hell, one that took me by suprise and left me wanting more, 3 hours and a hand shake and I was moving up in the world. Ok well it was not that great of a story but it looked good in my mind :)

    Well all in all good luck on the job hunt, when it comes down to it you have to work at a place you like not just for the money, if you do this then life will at least be a little more easy...
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    Turn the tables on them a little bit. Ask THEM questions. Think of it this way: you're interviewing them too! It makes you look confident and self-assured. Also, they might ask you about your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure to have 1 weakness to tell them and what you are doing to turn it into a strength. They may also ask if you have a "5 year plan" so make something up that sounds good. Eye contact, firm handshake. People don't like giving interviews because of the awkward formality, so say something to lighten the mood and they will appreciate it.
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    Ok, I can do eye contact and firm handshake and the white teeth smile and I can laugh at a lame joke to make him/her feel better about themselves so that's good thanks anastasia and wow didn't think of that.

    thanks haha...I have weaknesses but I'm not sure the eployer would want to know them ><

    also, d-rock...thanks and good luck on your hunts. what are you looking for, what industry or what kind of job?

    you should travel then if you're always after an adrenaline and travel, it's fun I hear and rewarding

    Btw...I don't dread the interview or the meet or whatnot...I'm just freaking out over GETTING a darn job at the least- just an income because I'm really good with people and all that jazz
  5. Esmeralda

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    Hehe no problem! If you have to make up a weakness, then do that, but only if they ask. Employers like to know that you're self-aware enough to recognize your faults and work to correct them.

    They also really like when you ask them questions about the job because it shows them that you are interested in learning about it and that you are trying to determine if you are really suited for the job. Like I said, you're interviewing them too! If you come up with some questions about your duties and about the work environment, etc., it kind of forces them to try to sell YOU on the job, so it changes the dynamic of the whole interview. Also, you can make little jokes, i.e. if you are applying at a bookstore and they ask you why you want the job you can say "I'm in it for the discount!", or something cheesy like that. This will make them chuckle and put them at ease while letting them have a glimpse of your personality. Also, (and this is huge) don't babble. If they ask you a question that you need to think about, just take a breath and formulate a response. So many people think that if they don't respond immediately that they will look stupid or something, but taking a few moments to think about your response actually makes you appear thoughtful and poised, and this way, you won't end up saying something you regret. BTW, this works on dates too, because after all, what is a first date really but an interview? :)
    BTW, I also have a job interview tomorrow so wish me luck!
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    oh is it that when i start thinking about what to say i can't think o fmuch??

    haha...i should probably brush up on some pop culture before i go into an interview just in case but really I like laid back I just always expect the employer DOESN'T and they want someone who knows everything and anything.

    on that note, I'll make sure to question them and ask about working requirements, shifts, how to develop in the company and what resources to use to learn more about how to use my position to an advantage...

    alrighty...sounds good to me, i feel a little better about this. I just have had such a rough life that when it comes to "list three professional references" I can barely sum out two...I haven't really known anyone for more than a year because of things in my life and me no tknowing that one day i'd need to have those references for a job