Please let me die

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  1. Forgotten_Man

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    For the majority of this week I am stuck in Indianapolis for a company confrence. I fucking hate these stupid things. All these things are is a chance for those who have been working at the company to reminicse about the good old days, and a nice long week where those of us who are not vets or 7+ years get to stand around and be awkward. :( To make things worse my roommate is here. I mean hell he was bad enough at anime conventions. Add to that the stress of not making an idiot of yourself and you have my roommate. Plus he is going to want to talk about his new female prospect. To be honest I just do not care. Good for him, he has a large enough social network that he can get that kind of hook up. It is only another reminder of how I am likely not going to have anyone for a very long time, if ever again. :( I don't know... I spent the whole plane ride over here wanting to the plane to crash in a field. Sadly it did not and I am stuck here. I wish I could just skip this whole fucking thing. Lucky for me there are 5 floors separating me from my roommate. This is stupid, next time a notice comes out for a confrence, should I still be here, I need to say "fuck that"

    Sorry for wasting so much space.
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    Hi K...just make sure you do not drink too much...have done that a couple of times and still get uncomfortable when I think about it...glad you posted and know we are with you in our thoughts...let us know when you get home...big hugs, J
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    :i'm sorry: :hug:

    I don't want you to die..
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    @Sadeyes:You are the first person to call me K since I put that as my real name. >_> sorry... I had a few when I was out. Luckily I left before they REALLY hit me. :hug: thanks for the support.

    IV2010::hug: it is not your fault. I made the choice to not tell them I did not want to go. I guess 3 more nights of binge drinking won't hurt too much.