Please love me

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Please don't leave me alone in the night...someone please make love to me...tell me that everything is okay :(

I'm so fucked up.
Hey there ruiner, I'm glad you posted.

I love you, I love anyone that is able to post on these forums, if you need someone to talk to tonight, pm me, I have nothing going on tommorrow.

I hope to hear from you. :hug:

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Okay I am just going to go out and say it: I'm addicted to the emotional part of sex. Its so frustrating. Its like shooting self-esteem straight into my veins, and its only temporary. After a couple of days it wears off and I start feeling worthless if I don't have it.

This and my depression on top of it causes me to be sad everyday. I don't want to do anything, just lay down, stare at the ceiling and rot for all I care.

Ever since my girlfriend and I broke up(see previous posts for full story) we have not had an 'encounter' So that makes it about 3 months since my last time. See what its done to me?

*Is so embarrassed*
Ruiner, I believe it's much better to be addicted to the emotional part of sex, then to the physical craving. It's sweeter, and will help you remain with the person you love, rather then just paying for sex.
I'm the same way, I don't have sex for the sex, I have sex to show my significant other how much they mean to me.

Unfortunately, your experiencing what happens if your relationship comes unglued. I would hate to have to experience what your going through, and my thoughts are with you.

It's nothing to be embarrassed about either. Everyone does it, and it is natural. I sympathize for you.

My offer still stands if you want to talk in private.

I hope you come through okay.


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I appreciate the pm, but I'm not going to hold this in anymore. Lets just do this out in the open. Convergence too.

You see, I'm pretty much stuck. My now ex-girlfriend knows about this already. We still talk to each other everyday through phone, when I do go see her she never feels like it. She shows great concern and tells me shes sorry. Its so ridiculous though how much she's changed in that area. She used to be CRAZY about it. I don't know what else to do. No one I know seems to have time to talk to me. And I have to get up for work at 4:50...its 1:42 right now...great...more sleep deprivation.

What can I do?
Well, I can understand your ex not wanting to have sex with you, not because of any problems but because you two are EXs, and it would just be awkard.. (I think, I never been in that situation). As for the what else, there really is nothing you can do.... Outside of paying for sex, but I'm assuming it's not the same.

As for her showing great concern, that is good, at least someones supporting you, but also, right now may not be the best time to look for people to talk to.... I'm not sure if your in the, but i's around 3:45 a.m here, and not many people would be up to it...

But, good luck to you, I'll be here awaitin your reply.



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Well its complicated. Like I said in a post from the other day, everything between us is the same. The only reason she broke up with me was because of me being depressed all the time and that was too much of a burden on her. We can still work things out if I get better. She lost her sex drive months before we split up, but didnt completely stop until after. I at least was able to hug her and everything until about a week I'm 2 hours away :( This sucks so bad...
I feel your pain, I recently spent 6 weeks away from my luv, and just not being there, not able to hold her was hard.

I'm not much with relationships, but hopefully you two can get back together, it sounds like you got along well. Maybe if your open about everything, tell her you suffer from depression, be very honest, and maybe she'll be understanding.

I can't help with these things, I've no experience, I can just hope you get through it okay.

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