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  1. Malcontent

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    Why the hell am I letting that upset me so much? I'm sitting here biting back tears over something that really shouldn't matter to me, but for some reason it felt like a massive kick in the teeth. I've got so much to do today but all I wanna do is shut myself away inside and cry all day. I just wish there was someone here who wouldn't mind if I was crying and not being 100% perfect for a while, who'd just give me a hug and tell me I don't have to worry. Someone who I didn't have to be strong in front of all the time for fear that if I'm weak just for a second they'll leave. I had learnt to trust people again and then in one moment it was shattered. It's been 10 months since then and I still can't trust anybody, the thought of being even a tiny bit vulnerable makes me feel sick. I just want to be happy, just a little bit of hope please. I try so damn hard even though I want to just break and have somebody deal with all the shit, but I don't I carry on and nothing ever gets any better. I can't take this anymore, something has got to give.
  2. helena

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    Hi Mal :hug:
    There's not much I have to say to that, unfortunately :(...
    Though I seem to be known as a strong woman, and that makes it so darn difficult
    to be me, the one many people don't see, the one I too am affraid would be
    rejected....and yet there's people around me screaming to meet that one, not
    the other me, the real me.
    So I guess I'm not much of a help in here....just wanted to reach out :arms:,
    tell you I hear you...:hug:
    Please take care
  3. Terry

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    Mals you know full well you can be as weak as you like with me, and I feel I can let go of the iron woman facade with you.
    God knows it gets so tiring being the supposed strong one, the one who can just keep going no matter what.
    Have a :hug: