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    I have asked a few times in my other threads but I thought I would make a thread just about this..Why not? Ohhhkay.. Im seeing a new doctor next week (on the 16th to be exact). I signed for her to access my medical files from the previous places so hopefully she will be armed with a lot of information on my history.. I want to talk to her about schizoaffective disorder as my mom believes that what I have and she should know. Shes a social worker who works with mentally ill clients. I do fit the mold for it according to what I have been told and what I looked up online.. My current diagnosis btw is bipolar with psychosis (plus some other small problems).. I was really hoping someone with the same condition (both the ones Im diagnosed with now and the schizoaffective disorder) would share their medication stories with me..What worked for you? Which had the most tolerable side effects? Please help me be armed with information when I speak with my new doctor next week...
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    I thought I would post here instead of making a new thread, so I hope someone sees it... Heres the medications I looked up online that are used to treat my condition and like conditions and the patients who have taken this drug and responded to the askpatient website had few side effects/tolerable side effects and most had a posistive result. So I may consider taking them..

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    I have took Valium a few times but not for mental problems - used it in larger doses to relax for dental appointments and I enjoyed the effects because I was mellow and relaxed and assumed in smaller doses I wouldnt of been so dazie.. If any of you have took the medications I mentioned above could you let me know your experiences on them?