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Sometimes support is great, but what you really need right now is for someone to give you some practical advice on how to move forward. Whether that is how to get medical help, who to call about debt or family problems or simply how to move forward with a situation you have worn your brain out trying to figure out for yourself. That is what this forum is for.

The advice here is given by non-professional and as such it cannot replace professional advice and nobody here has any liability if they give advice that turns out to be 'bad' advice. Please use this forum as it is intended - for guidance and ideas, not as 'gospel' ways to deal with things.

This forum works on the principle that "two heads are better than one" when trying to come up with solutions to difficult situations, and that on a forum with tens of thousands of members, there is likely to be someone who has gone through something very similar to what you are dealing with now, and can offer some insight into how to manage it.

Please be as clear/detailed as possible about the problem you are facing so that people can offer constructive advice. If you do not wish to take the advice given here, that is your right, but please be polite to the people who took the time to try to help you.
Not open for further replies.

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