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PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING - Empathy and Compassion Forum

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Often when members arrive here they are not in a place, mentally and emotionally, to take on board practical advice and opinions on how to make their situation better. This forum is for people who simply want to be heard - who need to know that they are cared about and that there are people here who have read their story and have borne witness to their pain.

Please reply to posts in this forum by letting the original poster know that you have heard them and that you care about them. Please offer words of sympathy and understanding rather than advice on how to deal with their particular situation.

For people starting threads, please remember that everyone here wants to help and sometimes people will inevitably offer ideas or possible solutions to your problems. Please understand that those people may have reached your post via "new posts" and might not realise what forum you have posted in. Please understand that such advice comes from a place of caring and while we understand you may not wish to 'hear it' right now, that person took time and energy and stepped away from their own problems to try to help you. It is okay to not respond to advice/opinions but please be polite to people, even if you prefer not to receive advice.
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