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Please Read This, It May Help You

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Just thought i should post this.
So i was (and probably still am) suicidal. However i found a way to feel a lot better.
i realised that writing down all depressing thoughts,etc. down.
It gets the stuff out of our mind so your mind cannot torment you any longer, or it gets better somehow.
I did it that way, and it really helped me. i feel much better now, of course i am not "cured" or anything like that, but at least i dont get into a frenzy everytime i see a train...
I always write the things into a small booklet, and once its full, i burn it. apart from being really fun (im not only suicidal, im also pyromanic...) and it eases the pain.
some of you might want to try it
it may really help


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This is so true... I am not a writer and usually can't muster up the motivation to write, but on the recommendation of someone from years ago, I did this and it provided not only an amazing level of relief, but it really clarified all the confused thoughts and feelings buzzing through my head.

Now, in my very depressed state, I write my thoughts on a computer regularly since Christmas. And password protect it. Very helpful, though I notice that the relief I'm feeling has been diminishing. Probably because some of it is questions that never get answered. So I recently put my thoughts on here publicly, and that felt good. The only issue with that is that some thoughts are too personal to put on a forum, even if I'm anonymous.

I expect when I do leave, that I'll let everyone here know who I am, so I'll keep some things confidential.
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