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Please, read this thread, who care

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hey, friends...

I'm sorry for interrupting the previous thread and posts for it...
you know, sometimes I think that very few here notice me. And today is one of those days. And I'm REALLY REALLY sorry if these words offend somebody, because there are many people who talk to me and are very kind with me (truly) ... I don't want to upset you all and I'm trying to care and to be a good friend (if it's possible through the internet) for some of you or just be attentive and caring (I'm REALLY trying)... and sometimes I feel that nobody notice me and my efforts...
I know that probably I sound stupid.... I'm sorry if it's so...
maybe I just need a hug and encouragement... Actually I'm ok and God blesses me every day of my life, but.. today I felt like I'm not very important person for people here. Mmmmm... forgive me please if I'm mistaken, but I feel so. As I've already said probably I just need a piece of attention or some warm words or hug...? I don't know....
I'm really sorry if I sound stupid and selfish or...
I know there are many many people at forum who care and are very attentive and kind... but now I feel a bit down...
Please, if you really care and remember about me and remember that I exsist, reply to this thread... I need it. I know that many people here are very kind and they are trying to encourage all people, but I wonder if there are any people who remember me not as just one member of the SF (I love SF very much), but as Mio, who remember me and where I'm from and remember any facts about me and my life...
I'm sorry in advance... and maybe I'm impolite ...
I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable or to be offended by this. I don't blame anyone, it's my own problems... Most people here are really caring...


Take care all and I really try. I try to do my best.

:hug: :hug: :hug:
Oh hun. I know who you are. You're wonderful and sweet and kind...you have a good word for everyone...and even though you have limited time online you still try to help as much as you can in that time rather than spend it on doing things for yourself...
I think you're a great person hun, and you're absolutely justified in needing hugs and validation. We all do!
You are very important to me, I hope that you are doing ok and if you ever need ANYTHING, I will be here, ok?
Take care Mio/K. :hug: :hug: :hug:



Staff Alumni
I totally agree with Lauren :biggrin:

In the limited time I've known you, you've always been there for everyone, given your all in helping people.

:hug: :hug:

PM me if you need to talk

Take care!



mio my wonderful amazing friend... it is i who should be apolgogizing i have been having a rough time and do not have much left to give but i always seem to have these wonderful wild daisies growing in my yard i will send you big bunches of them and lots of warm hugs.


Staff Alumni
Sorry Mio, that I don't know you very well but I have noticed you around and that you are always so kind and supportive of others. It happens very often here that people are in so much pain that others can feel overlooked or ignored. If you ever want to pm me for a chat please feel free.
Sarah :hug:


Staff Alumni
:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

You are not stupid or selfish! I am glad you can ask for help and ask for encouragement when you need it. That is excellent! As I am a terrible mind reader I'm grateful you have communicated your need. And it is a need, like air and water and such. We need love and encouragement. As we are all struggling with depression and the like it's very difficult to be there for everyone when they need it but as you see.. when you need it and you ask you'll find a lot of people care and want to see you do well and feel better.

Wishing you well!


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im sorry i didnt see this thread earlier Mio.im so so sorry.i havent been online much but i dont know how i missed your thread.im so so sorry.And it sounds like you really needed someone when you wrote your post.......and i was not there for you but you are always there for me when i need.im so so sorry.i feel so bad about this now.......and i had no idea you were feeling so low and unimportant.Bless you hun.Your so important to me.And i dont just say that.i mean it.Every time i get a PM from you it brightens up my day jsut to hear from you again,to know how you are and to hear your ever kind and encouraging words [which i probably desrve none of].You are one of the kindest,nicest,most freely giving people i have met in my lifetime.YOu deserve so much better than me as a friend......you deserve someone who would manage to be there for you when you need them.Not four or five days after you start a thread........and im so sorry.i do not deserve you.You are so so important.You have been there for me so much.And i send a big endless supply of kath hugs and still i think its not enough for someone as great as you and ii wish i could send more!!!ANd Mio i do think of you very much as Mio as an individual not just a member of SF.YOu have brought a lot to my life.And i know i have let you down badly this time.i wasnt there for you.......but please Mio if you ever feel even the slightest bit bad again please please PM me or contact me or something!!!i want to try and be there for you and im sorry ive let you down so badly.

Please take good care.i love you


im so sorry that you are feeling down and i dont know what to say but tell you that i am always here if you need me..please message me :hug: times infinity
Mio hun, Your awesome :hug:

I`ve been gone for mostly 6 weeks, and every single time I`ve managed to grab a minute to check in (Like now), I see your posts helping people, or making positive changes to people here.
Your awesome, and your so very active here, it helps, it really does!

I don`t know much about you as a person, but that`s no fault of yours, I`m just unable to get to meet you .... All I know is what I see in your posts, and from that I know your a wonderful caring person!!

Everyone needs a hug, and heres yours :hug:


Well-Known Member
Thank you so much everyone who replied to this thread or just read it!
I appreciate it so much!
I feel better. Really. And when I posted it I wasn't in danger (so, I'm sorry for disturbing you all), I just was upset a little and needed a hug so much...
So, you're so kind to give me all these hugs and warm words (even if I don't think that I'm as good as you all say). But I'm so pleased with all these words you've written for me and I'm so thankful for you've wasted your own time to read and reply to my thread. I'm sure, there are many many many people, who suffer more than me...
I'm sorry if I say something wrong here (I often do this).
You all are SO important.
Many many many hugs to all of you


P.S.: Sweet kath, I love you, hun and you're still important for me :hug:
You're my friend, you're still my friend :hug: and you also can't be here all the time. And I can't too. So, that's ok that you weren't here that day, because as you noticed, I missed many of your threads just because I wasn't here in time. So, I'm really sorry. and you're great. you've noticed this thread and replied after some days. So, it means that you waste your time to find it and to reply and to send me a wonderful pm. You're wonderful :hug:
Yesterday I was trying to send a pm for you but it didn't work, because of you had your pm box completely full :(
I'm trying to send another pm for you. I love you.

And many many many hugs to all of you
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