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I feel very sad and alone here. I know i am supposed to be happy, it was my dream to be here and now that i'm here i just feel so alone. I feel scared when i go out because I'm afraid ill look stupid if people say something to me in german but i don't understand. my sleepings been erratic all week because i am not adjusting. but that is slowly getting better. I was late meeting the school principal today for the school ill be working so thats not great. i was scared to get the bus today because social anxiety. i forgot to bring the screwdrivers for the supervisor because i borrowed them.

apart from that, here are some photos of my shenanigans i dont have many photos because i didn't go out much but here are a few

119700494_392615268400507_8502396060601391638_n.jpg 119700494_392615268400507_8502396060601391638_n.jpg

119748942_1255765988108969_5208594858563291335_n.jpg 119437247_3337049756364518_6892355167736748560_n.png me trying to build my bedside cupboard
119665213_606954306652439_2913116587370975466_n.jpg i built the wardrobe myself. surprised i managed it
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