Please!!!! Somebody out there!!!! I need a friend!!!!

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  1. SAVE_ME

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    please!!!!! Somebody!!! Anybody!!!!! I don't care who!!!! I need a friend!!!! A real friend!!!! People keep on hurting me like they derive some sort of sick pleasure from it!!!!! Please don't ignore this!!!!! I need a true friend!!!!! I can't survive on my own any longer!!!!! And if this doesn't change soon then i swear to f*cking god i'll kill myself!!!! I hate feeling like this everyday!!!!! Like nobody in the world gives a sh*t!!!!! I lost the love of my life and i'm never going to find anyone else who has as much in common with me as she did!!!!! Please!!!!! Somebody!!!! I've suffered enough already!!!! I'm sick of feeling so sh*t but having no one whatsoever to turn to!!!!!!! Ppppleeeeeaaaassseee!!!!
  2. helena

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    :hug: :hug:
    If you mean a friend in real world, I can't help you on that :(
    I can offer you my virtual friendship, as someone you can talk to, through pm for instance...
    If you need a friend in real world I guess you'll have to take the time to hang out, if possible, join a sport or other activities.
    As I don't know any details about yourself, your situation,this sugestions could be misplaced, sorry for that.
    I guess it sounds cliche, but in the end it mostly proves it's true, but you are still so young, it's very possible you will meet someone else you love and be loved by the same, more than or close to the same way.
    I don't know how long ago it happened, but give it the time, and really I know it hurts.
    If it's taking too long, or even if not, maybe see someone professional to help you deal with the pain?
    I hope you feel better soon.
  3. black orchid

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    Like helena I can't do much in rl but if i remember right you have my msn. So if you ever need to chat feel free. :smile:
  4. FIGHTER9999

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    I have developed an inner strength and I have been able to take batterings from the world all my life and I am still here going strong ill give u some of that inner strength mate.
  5. soapymongoose

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    My sister's advice to me is always, "shovel as much sh!t as you can, find something to plough your negative energy into. That way less sticks to you."

    It doesn't always work but it helps a lot just having periods of focussing the inner turmoil onto an outer medium. Personally I use a guitar, or draw. A few hours spent doing either is better than the same amount of time letting my head tie my body in knots and vice versa.

    I'm new here, this is my first post lol, but I can be a good friend if you need one :smile:
  6. Milly

    Milly Well-Known Member

    Hey there, im really sorry ive only just seen your post, how you feeling today? hope your feeling a bit happier. Im not entirely sure how i could help but im willing to listen and try to help you with the crisis. Ive recently been in a similar situation with my ex girlfriend and i know how it feels and the despair it causes. feel free to pm me and get in touch.
  7. Petal

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    Hi Save_me

    I'm here for you :hug: Need to talk..just send me a PM , anytime x