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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Sam2009, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. Sam2009

    Sam2009 Member

    I was recently diagnosed with depression (known it for ages but only just got up the courage to go to the doctors) anyway so i went for my counselling today and it was really heart wrenching. and the one and only person i can talk to about it is my boyfriend, except right now he is thinking about breaking up with me and i cant talk about my feelings to anyone else. i feel worthless and like my life means nothing and i cant see the point in being here anymore. right now im crying because none of our knives are sharp enough to cut me properly and i dont know what to do. can someone please help me?
  2. mdmefontaine

    mdmefontaine Antiquities Friend

    hi sweetie. . . i am so sorry you are going through a rough time.... it is just adding pain and stress to you - when your boyfriend is thinking of leaving. i understand.....i really do.

    reach out here - you already did, keep reaching out. this is a positive step - you can find friends here, and you can find people who understand what you are going through - and only support - no judgment. not here. i care what happens to you.

    are you seeing a counselor - did you get an appointment set up? any medications yet? do you have parents, good friends, that you can talk to!? please know that you can pm me anytime, , , i am here alot. several times a day. and there are others too, to reach out to.

    i care. please stay safe, hang on, we can help you get through this.....:hug:
  3. Sam2009

    Sam2009 Member

    Thanks for replying. You know when you have those moments when everything just seems so bleak and you don't see the point anymore. Well that was last night! I went to see my GP today to try and get some medication, but she said to come back next week. I know she's doing it because she doesn't just want to hand out pills, especially as i told her before that i didn't want any, but now i'm sh*t scared that i might have the same thoughts again before i go back, and i just want it all to end. I want to get better but I don't know how and I feel so alone. My bf doesn't understand, which actually I'm glad about, because if he did understand it would mean he had suffered too. i cant speak to my mum about it, i can imagine what she would feel if i told her i wanted to die. same with my friends - i dont want them to know how crazy i am!! its just so good to find somewhere where people have similar experiences to me, and even if you do think im crazy it doesnt matter!!!

    anyway, i am feeling slightly better today, albeit because i am totally supressing any feeling other than focusing on work. and it makes me feel better helping other people so have a rant at me if you like!
  4. Stranger1

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    Hello Sam2009,
    Make sure you go back next week and let her know about the suicidal thoughts. You should know it can take up to four to six weeks before AD's start working. The sooner your doc gets you on them the better. In the meen time keep talking to us so we can help support you. You can also PM any of us for one on one conversation. I hope you and your boyfriend work things out!!Take care!!~Joseph~
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