Please, someone talk to me

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No one will talk to me, I'm all alone. Why won't they talk to me? Because they think I'm crazy and think that I don't understand what they're trying to say. Even my parents don't know. Please, somebody talk to me that understands the hurt and pain, and all that's left behind.
Hey there. Wow, you sound really frustrated right now. Even though it may be difficult for anyone but you to understand fully what is happening for you, sometimes it can help just to let it all out. Tell us more what's going on. What do you wish other people would understand?

Take care! I hope we hear more from you soon...
Sorry, I didn't mean to sound so whiny. Truth is, I was kind of drunk (I'm a recovering alcoholic, so I just succumbed to temptation).

But yeah, as for letting it all out...

I just had a huge fight with my mother tonight. I told her that I wanted to stop taking the meds, and she told me my (former) personality was what made all my friends hate me, what made the person I was in love with (or 'whatever her name is' as she put it) reject me. I guess I had alot of negative characteristics when I was depressed, but I was still me, not whoever I've become on these drugs.

If anyone wants to talk on AIM (I dunno if I have too much to say, but it'd be great to have someone else to talk to), my sn is goodnamegoeshere.
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