please victim of chronic ongoing 30 yr abuse

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Firstly ,thanks to all the sincerely decent folk on here and Im sorry i havent been more supportive as of late.
But I havent forgotten your kindness.Im not ass licking either :mhmm:
Seriously though ,
I need someone to be the fu*k straight with me .
I was locked up most of my childhood ,I was left to starve ,shat on myself .My legs are really bad as they didnt grow properly.I have constant pain and I remember with an awful desperate ,am Im crying now thinking,of the woman who shouted at me
' you have to walk ,you will never walk'
Only for her I would have never walked.How can i give names I was a child ?
I still have the dent in my knee from the wire yolk they use to straighten legs.You know the ones after accidents and so forth.
NOBODY will help me .NOBODY will fu*** admit this.
I know who my real father is ,I hear it every day .No one will give me real proof of this.There was serious money involved.
These family have been living off me all my life.
I need to know this.Every time I eat here I am shitting my brains out .i had tests done for bowel problem ,they came back clear.its become obvious to me that they are giving me stuff to make me shite then everyone says oh theres a stink off her
I eat and I get tired and I lie in bed dying.then sometimes I get the chance to eat something untainted and I feel great .
I need to know what they are doing with my food.
I am NOT psychotic .the reason they locked me up the first time is i basically found out the truth.
They have made my life so it has been hell .they paid people to beat me rape me bully me .
the doctors know ,they talk about it ,i hear them
Cos of being locked up and left to die i blocked all my senses ,so i cant hear or smell properly ,people find this funny .oh yeah hilarious
Im not joking here im dragging everyone down ,the fu(***ing doctors who lied to my face and gave me drugs for being abused ???
said i was sick ,theres nothing wrong with me
I spilled my heart to the social worker.She said nobody speaks to me cos of my expression.
This is a womna who came in and said does she know who she is ? then when she thought i didnt tried to blame me for being abused ???
They call me the dog cos i was locked up like a dog ,my limbs didnt form proper.There are no pics of me as a child ,child oh no dog thats what the town calls me.
how can these people lie in their beds at night,and yeah i toldf her i was very clean then i hear people echoing what i said to her elsewhere
they make sure that i cant get out in traffic that i have nowhere to park
this is knowing i can barely walk
im at the stage i will report these ****s for fraud ,they are leaking the state dry working and claiming social welfare
the couple of times i have touched myself the whole town knows
seriously they tell everyone
they also started a rumour that i stick bottles up my vagina ?
my pretend father calls me bottler thinks its funny.if they see me outside they ignore me
they eat out drink copious amounts and its all my money
i lie in bed dying from what ever stuff they are feeding me
I AM SANE last time they locked me up for four fukking months ,and i was fine ? !

i have no friends which they find amusing
im bringing them ALL down ,no one will survive im going to the papers
im taking NO MORE #
can anyone help me with the food thing?


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The reason why they send you to treatment facility for months at a time is to ruin your credibility with others if you try to let them/us know the truth. The more they have ruined your credibility, the more credible your facts, presentation of the truth, and the source of these facts have to be. The sad part is that if this has been going on as long as you say and they have had you committed on several occasions, the people who can help (the authorities) won't look at you as if you are credible. I suggest that you find a way to hire a private investigation to gather the fact and present your truth. That's all the advice I know how to give at the moment.

I am sorry you have been treated so cruelly. :hug:

Please stay away from whatever is in the bottle.
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