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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by itmahanh, Jan 1, 2008.

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  1. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    this is going to sound totally absurd to most but hopefully completely rational to somebody and you'll understand what I'm asking. There was a little unforseen in my plan today so I have had to change it slightly. But now with this little bit of extra time on my hands, I find myself being eaten by the fear of my loneliness. Everything I have ever achieved or suffered through was by myself. So please if anyone here knows of a phone # or website etc. where I could "talk" or be with someone in those final minutes, pm me. I'm not lookingfor a place where people try to talk me out of it or "save" me. It's going to happen regardless, but i really hope that I can find some way to be able to not be totally alone again. I don't think this makes any sense to anyone, but I had to try. Tried google but can't figure out how to word it and just keep getting pro life sites. This is getting urgent, I'll be around the forum for a little while yet.
  2. numberman

    numberman Well-Known Member

    This forum does not encourage suicide in any manner. It exists to listen and to prolong life , nothing else

    Tell us why you fell as you do and we will all try to help
  3. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    Thanks numberman, but I'm done talking. Been doing it for years with professoinals and family and friends. And for months now here. No one underatands and that's ok. I wasn't asking for methods or anything. I'm sorry I posted now. It was just a desperate moment. Sorry if I offend anyone else. Alone is good anyhow. I understand alone.
  4. srnityblu

    srnityblu Well-Known Member

    wow, have you thought of where you might go if you died? I am not sure of your pain or troubles, but you reached out, if I may pray for you?

    Dear God,

    Please draw near to this person's heart. Only you know thier pain and conflict and you are not a God of suffering. You have watched from above, yet you remained distant because you cannot interfer, you can only help when asked.

    I ask for you to pour down your mercy and grace on this person and show them your love. Above all things, you love them unconditionally Lord. You love them because you created a work in progress, a masterpiece in your eyes. You sent Jesus to die on the cross, if just for them, if they lived in solitude on this earth, because your love is so great, you would have died just for them. I ask that you Heal this person's pain, and rid them from thier torment. You are not just a God of physical healing, but you are a God that heals ALL wounds! You are a God that brings comfort to the sick, and to the downcast. I ask Lord that this moment you place your loving arms around them and bring comfort and peace to them on this night, and each day and night to follow. Let the shadow of your mighty wings act as a protective hedge to shelter them from people's mind sets and precepts, and dismantle thier own thoughts against themselves! I ask Lord that you send your Holy Spirit to bring comfort and revelation to them that you want them to LIVE! you want them to press on each day with thier eyes focused on you and not what others have to say. Bring thier mind body and spirit and soul into agreement and unison and allow them to search you for answers and truth Lord. Show them that death is not a thief in the night, and death does not rule in the darkness. Let them put down the comforts of death and allow them God in your tender mercy to choose life, in this life, and for the next.
    Let them live Lord this day, Deliver them from evil, Deliver them from this pain they suffer from, deliver them from the emptiness and hold them in your hands.

    you love your children with an ever lasting love, and suffering does not come from you. I ask you Lord of all this, In Jesus name, Amen.

    May God be with you, drop me an email if you need someone to talk to, any time, any day.
    Love your friend, Shannon
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