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Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by lost_child, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. lost_child

    lost_child Well-Known Member

    I was just wondering if someone could help? I'm sure that one of my abusers is possibly still abusing children, I don't have any prove of this..just that I know that he's abused 2 "children" and I don't believe for a second he would have stopped. I never reported him when I was younger, or when he was arrested in 1997, I kept quiet for selfish reasons..but I just can't leave knowing that there's a possibilty he's hurting others. I just don't know what to do? If I report him, i know I wouldn't cope with being interviewed having to relive the past, I don't even remember every single detail, some of my past is just bits. I just don't know what to do. He's ruined my life as it is and before i die, I need to try and stop him taking anymore lifes, i just don't know how to. pls can anyone give me any advice? i understand if not.
  2. Insignificant

    Insignificant Account Closed

    i don't know. maybe you could make a suggestion to the police to keep their eye on this fellow, or maybe you could get in touch with one of the others he has abused and go in on this together. i don't know just a thought. :please: take care
  3. Hazel

    Hazel SF & Antiquitie's Friend Staff Alumni

    You mention
    what happened then, was he convicted? If he was, he will be on the sex offenders record so that would help protect children now.
    I fully understand you are concerned for what might happen to others but it's clear he is still destroying you, perhaps to see him 'pay' for what he has done to you might help you to heal, have you had counselling/therapy?
    Please don't let him win the final battle, grasp all the help you can get, please stay safe.

    Hazel xx
  4. lost_child

    lost_child Well-Known Member

    Charges was dropped because of lack evidence so I don't know what happened, if he was put on there, then ok, but I doubt he was. Im in cousnelling now, have been since march 2006, but I can't move on from him, he is still part of me, he still haunts me, he's still the face i see when I go to sleep, the person whose face I see when I hime. I just want to do one thing right before I go.
  5. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    I am not sure about in the UK, but in the US we can file a police report about what happened but you don't have to press charges. That way a file is started and if someone else were to have suspicions and report him, there would be supporting evidence causing them to look into it. I also wrote to one of my abusers, with my therapists help, andtold them I had filed this report, but would not press charges at this time. But if it became necessary I would break the silence. Maybe it won't stop him, but it will at least make him think twice and he knows the possibility of exposure exists.
  6. lost_child

    lost_child Well-Known Member

    I don't know. what it is. i've been in contacst with nspcc and they have said I can report him as me or go anon. I will give them the details to investigate I just don't know if I can do it as me. i've just got back from he's hpiuse and i hate d it. i was literally back there seeing my life pass me by. i wish i'd jad ,my tans with me caise i woiuld kill myseldf there so he found me.
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