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Pls help

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I went to thailand a couple of years ago and had protected sex with a number of women except one Irish woman who i had unprotected sex with. i started to get rashes a couple of weeks afterwards but have felt fine otherwise for the last couple of years and have never been checked because i was scared. Recently my brother and mother have started to get rashes and swollen lymph nodes. i also have pyorria, where my gums bleed, and if there is any chance i have given them hiv i will not be able to go on. pls help


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I'm sorry there is no way to tell although it is unlikely you have given them hiv unless you have they have been in contact with your blood or other bodily fluids. I can image it is very scary but going to your doctor and having a blood test could alleviate all your fears. I hope for the best.


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Those are not the symptoms of HIV, they are, however symptoms of Mononucleosis, shingles, rubella and a host of other diseases.
Best thing you can do is pop down to your doctor and have a blood test, it's probably something quite treatable.

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even though you had protected sex, there are a number of extra-genital lesions you could have been exposed to. also, multiple sex partners, which is always a major risk factor for STDs.

you cannot rule out hiv entirely because sometimes it enters a silent phase where the only manifestation is reduced immune response, and youre bleeding gums indiacte either a vitamin c deficiency or more serious gingival infections, which arent themselves fatal or anything but show some amount of reduced immunity.

mate, its not that big a deal nowadays!.. HIV testing is dome with in utmost confidentiality and the results will not be announced or anything. also, HIv is managaeable nowadays, k? just saying!.. i know its freaky scary but not the end of the world if its caught in time.

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GO in and talk to your doctor okay everything will be kept confidential get t hat
peace of mind of knowing what it is and treat it okay hugs
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