Poem 4

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  1. Eyes only seen through the mirrors of other eyes.
    You think you know who I am?
    No one knows who I am...
    You can only push someone so far.

    Standing on the edge;
    Of what seems to be reality;
    Or shadow where I used to be.
    Corning me like a criminal...

    "It's in your head, theres nothing wrong with you!"
    I'm a fucking disgrace.
    Put the gun to your head you coward!

    There's no pity for a coward...
    Can your god save you now?
    I'm a fucking coward.

    Seconds from the end...
    Whats it going to be?
    Pull the trigger bitch!
    I'm a coward...

    A coward in the eyes seen through mirrors of other eyes.
    You're a disgrace
    Pull the trigger bitch!
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