Poem entitled 'suicide

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    blood bath
    Grim reapers path
    Preterm death by means Of
    Gunshot, Stab wound, Drug overdose, and drowning
    I hate my past so much,i remember my suicide attempt
    After five or so years of cutting and drugs to espace the pain
    I thought ending it all would be better
    I wrote a letter
    Saying my mind and heart can no longer deal with rumors and names like
    'freak' , 'skank' and the most used "suicidal love-sick loser.
    I set a date
    June 15, 2006 of late
    I set the means
    My fathers 38' handgun
    If i was going to die i thought i'd end it painfully
    I cut my wrists open and smeared the blood saying
    " i love you all, i deserve to die, bye!
    I cock the gun and hold it to my stomach
    My dog Koda ,comes in and conforts me
    Inside i wanted the help but outside i said "leave me be!"
    Aly calls me and i answer "hello aly!" in a puffed tone.
    "whats wrong?" she asked in confusion and worry.
    "aly i cant take it anymore i deserve to end my life i wont get far in life"
    Aly paused "mabelle... I mean savannah" she took a pause "you have a good future and you will get far" she finshes.
    "no i cant put up with four years of high school" i started to cry
    "please i dont want to lose my closest friend, i care to much to lose you"
    "girls and guys at our age are mean hearted and cold dont lose youre life to them"
    I throw the gun across the room and reach for the tencer bandage and wraped it around my wirst while she asked "what did you throw?"
    "my death wish." i reply
    "tell me that... If anything bugs you tell me first." she sighed
    A few years later
    I ditch he oxys and booze
    I stop cuttting and got the help i needed. But i feel i have nothing to lose
    In a good way, i love my life now im in school learning in english
    And my friends and family are loving me
    But youre gone and im still greving over youre death
    I feel like im slipping into the darkness
    Back into cutting,booze and drugs
    Im keeping strong trying my best to keep myself happy
    I miss you
    RIP ALyessa
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