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    so mundane yet so profound...

    *i know boys don't like butterflies, but...

    we are really in trouble now, only
    because we are really in love, yes
    less love brings far less serious
    - trouble -

    don't worry, here, have a butterfly --
    - :butterfly: -

    i am 34, thirty four, and all of my life --
    - i've been wondering -

    what is that mountain i have to leap from
    hidden dragon, crouching tiger style
    - how does that work of art -

    translate into my life and something genuine
    - real -

    what's the message here?

    what is that leap of faith i have to take
    - in order to fly -

    and, now i know...

    - you are -

    ...we are
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.