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    AN; okay, there are a few grammar issues and vocabulary terms that I'm not a 100% sure of that I did it right... but give me a break, I stepped out of my comfort zone tonight. especially when it comes to vocab, I might live in the US but english is not my first language. I dont think this would be triggering in any way, it just glorifies death a little bit (okay; a lot).

    something I also like to add is that I'm not religious, but the woman I live with is a jehova witness and likes to lecture me about judgment day. this kinda is how I imagine it to be if it would happen. but it could also simply refere to dying; ur pick. Whatever works for you. I just needed a title and while rereading it after it was done it reminded me of judgmentday so that's where the title comes from.

    Judgment day

    Venom pounding through your veins
    Bloodshot eyes are blinded by light
    Unhearing ears that listen to unspoken voices
    Unspoken voices that will never be heard

    Immobilized by fear the traveler stands
    Lost in a moment of time and perfection
    Where the unknown invades the boundaries of dreams
    And dreams loose their boundaries
    Imagination set free

    Is it immortality or a simple illusion?
    Only few who seem to care
    Take no time to sleep and you’ll find no need to rest
    When the only limit is eternity itself

    Seven pathways to unknown places
    The soul finally set free within
    To soar the plains of thought and imagination
    For some worse than a nightmare
    For others better than a dream

    critique is more than welcome

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    poison Well-Known Member

    i like it mick! really mysterious, in a good way :smile:
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