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  1. Eno

    Eno Guest

    The Wolves are closing in
    I am the dead awaiting
    Their jaws to rip me apart
    As long as they don’t take my heart

    I fall apart everyday
    Sometimes I just lay
    Sometimes I pray
    I fall apart everyday

    World around me always changes
    Mine stays the same
    Stupid me, a selfish stain
    I walk again this tainted lane in pain

    Constant confusion
    To much illusion
    Always revealing
    Itself to me wherever I have been or go

    I don’t know
    I am slow
    World to rushed
    I just get brushed aside amongst the fuss

    I want to lay
    My head down
    And sleep forever
    Just sleep forever

    Blah blah blah…blah la ha la la la la
  2. mfrieler

    mfrieler Active Member

    Nice poem. Only grammar errors I saw were "to"'s instead of "too"'s.

    But the emotion is awesome...great job, I liked it a lot, especially the 2nd to last verse.
  3. Eno

    Eno Guest

    Thanks a lot. Thanks for pointing out the spelling mistakes too (got it right this time :biggrin:)

    I haven't actually posted on here since 2007 & upon returning today I looked up my old posts & this was one of them & I noticed I never said thanks to you in 2007 so I thought the least I can do is do it now. Somewhat late though I know.

    Anyways, if you're still here I hope your doing okay/well :smile:.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.