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  1. troon

    troon Member

    When will this end?
    The torture that is called,
    An every day life.

    People do not understand,
    Things are not easy for me.
    I ask myself,
    Why do I even bother?

    Worthlessness is what I feel,
    My world is spinning.
    It is out of control.

    If things would improve,
    If people would not be so shallow,
    Perhaps I would not feel it necessary,
    To take my own life.

    No life.
    No friends.
    That is the story of my existence.

    I wish this torture would end.
    I wish I could just feel numb.
    It would be better to feel numb,
    Than to feel how I do

    Poem that describes why I feel suicidal at times....
  2. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    Thats how I feel :(

    Very good poem!
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