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  1. neon666

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    wake up, walk around
    heart hurts
    not as much as legs
    this is life
    this is my day
    a day
    in life
    i stare
    at the white wall
    hoping it will brainwash my mind
    my mind already is brainwashed
    its dead
    no new cells can grow
    i want to touch myself
    but i cant
    im too ashamed
    and lazy
    which makes me even more ashamed...
    the phone rings
    its private
    probably the devil
    shes malicious
    so mailicious, im using the word when i dont know what it means
    but it sure sounds good
    describing her
    she who brainwashed me in the 7th grade
    the 8th grade brainwasher is gone but theres still gossip
    my -ex
    i walk into my room
    the one i've had since i was 8
    its hardly changed
    just a few posters and pictures of ghosts in my life
    here and there...
    my rooms white
    why? because
    black scares me
    it used to not
    so sophisticated
    so...rare...unknown...so alive
    lets just stick to the simplist colour in the rainbow..psht or is it?
    something we'll never know
    it is white...afterall
    black equals death
    in some worlds
    but i dont believe in heaven or hell
    i believe in black after death
    and thats just me
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    thanks for sharing :hug:
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