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  1. Hand in hand, I stare at you,
    It feels as if there's nothing left to do,
    So I will take this from you,

    So take the wheel,
    Lets try and steer ourself off this bridge,
    Then they can say we fell asleep at the wheel,
    The flood coming through the windows,
    Wash me away,
    We can play hide and seek,
    Because in the morning they will find our bodies washed up on the shore,
    This is the end,
    Our soul will go on, and on,
    Lets taste this cold,

    Then when they think they have this story figured out,
    They will see the note,

    "Dear mom,
    You should have payed better attention,
    Because this problem lasted longer then the weekend,
    God, knows I had time alone,
    I know you thought I was someone I'm not,
    I knew you thought i was someone you could trust,
    It's over..."

    I should have taken it slow,
    And keep my feet on the ground,
    It's hard when you feel the earth shaking,
    I'm falling

    "Now you can have something to talk about, with all your friends,
    Now you can grow old, and start acting your age,
    I'm betting you're not,
    I'm hoping as time goes on you will forget,
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.