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  1. I can't find my way out,
    I better watch myself, because I don't know where to stand,
    Cracks leading everywhere, but where I want to be,
    Desperate desires of being somewhere else,
    I'm scared...

    I walk through the park, trying to leave my problems behind me,
    Autumns breeze, makes me pull my hood up,
    I bow my head, to stop my eyes from watering up,
    I put my hands in my pocket, as it starts to rain,
    I'm cold...

    I sit on the bench just listening,
    The water pouring down, at least it hides my tears,
    The barrier around my heart, at least hides my fears,
    I'm cold, I'm scared,
    Of love...

    I will sit awake,
    Hoping that angels will come, and take me away,
    And leave this world behind,
    Realizing that God, and angels are not real, I'll stay,
    Cold, scared, of love, and

    All I want is comforting arms to hold me in,
    I know this can never come true,
    I guess I will just sit thinking of what next I can do,
    Just thinking of love,
    I will never have you...:/
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.