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  1. kayla19

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    i wrote these for a creative writing class about 4 years ago. i just found them and i thought i'd share...


    The mountains in the distance stand
    strong against all foes.
    Watchful sheep look on
    and begin to comprehend
    their gloomy destiny.
    Sure, they are taken
    to find greener pastures,
    but nobody ever mentions the rivers
    of red that run through the green.
    To be confined in your existence,
    fenced in by a force outside you.
    To be a sheep with no choice
    but to follow the herd.
    To live your life
    never knowing the day
    when the mist will swallow you whole.


    Red light flashes,
    warning of impending doom.
    A voice from the past
    and the here and now
    becomes the there and then.
    Instantly I can feel
    your hands touching my hips,
    your lips brushing my lips.
    The spirit of times passed
    has a hold of me.
    You'd love to see me again
    I thought these memories
    had floated away
    like balloons let go by a child.
    I was wrong.
    Your words weigh me down
    like tar stuck to my feet. Guilt.
    I lied when I told you
    attachment was not something
    I could handle.
    What I really meant
    was my heart belonged
    to a different stranger. Caught.
    I've braided this string
    connecting us out of deceit.
    I've got scissors
    burning a hole in my hand.
    I'm ready to cut the ties
    and set sail without you.​


    I can't help but wonder
    if this is what it's like to quit
    smoking. Trying so hard
    to give up something
    you love. Desperately willing
    your thoughts to trail
    to something other than
    what is forbidden, but finding
    it nearly impossible.
    Wanting so badly to give
    into the desire - just this once.
    But knowing that if you give in
    now, you've lost
    your only shot.
    Smoking, you, both kill
    a part of me.
    My heart, my body,
    what's the difference?
    Can I give in and indulge
    just this once? I can remember
    the taste of your kiss.
    I crave it like a smoker
    craves one more drag.​
  2. Rockster

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    They are amasing.....
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