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    Instead of writing how i feel i write a journal of poems so just to warn you i will be adding to this. My poems aren't always about sad things and i don't manage to write one everyday it's usually when i get an idea or i feel an emotion strongly at the time so i hope you enjoy these.

    Thursday 24th May 2007
    I give you ...
    I give you my heart my soul
    I give you my all because you filled my hearts black hole
    You are what my life was missing
    I love you more after we have been apart
    As missing turns to kissing
    When there's no missing or kissing you call
    We speak for hours into the night
    And in the morn i don't feel to bright
    You make my life so perfect and right
    All i can say is i love you day and night.

    Tuesday 29th May 2007
    Mirrors ...
    Mirrors a reflection of the inner you
    Mirrors a reflection of the person you never knew
    Mirrors reflect your hate and pain
    Mirrors reflect your emotions time and again
    Mirrors reflect the bad and the good
    Mirrors reflect what you think they should
    They reflect the hurt in your eyes
    They reflect the ache inside
    The anger trying to break out
    The pain wanting to make you cry
    The way your lips pout
    The hope fading from your eyes when you feel that you want to die
    Mirrors do this and plenty more
    So ...
    What did you come to this mirror looking for?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.