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    i often get asked to correct poems and songtexts for people i know becasue my dad i english and that's why my english is better than that of others in my age. i asked if i could publish them and they said they wouldn't mind.
    i try to leave it as it's given to me as much as possible, that's why sometimes it sometimes sounds a bit german.

    Here goes the first:
    Go away

    1. Do you need a chance?
    Why should i help?
    No, it'll just be the same!
    My feelings change curruptly
    and you'll think you're the best again
    but do you know how i feel

    Chorus: Did you ever think about things you said?
    Did you ever take care?
    I'm sorry, but I can't satnd your bullshit anymore
    And I got to say my last words to you:
    Go away...

    2. You think you're the one
    Sometimes I'm asking myself why
    why I stay to hear the same?
    Don't look at me this way
    don't hurt me this way....
    do you ever know how I feel?


    Bridge: When I look into your eyes
    there's nothing there to see
    nothing but my own mistakes
    stareing back at me
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    Awesome :)

    Thanks for sharing :hug:
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