poems from the forlorn mind

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  1. these were written a couple years ago

    show me the number four
    free me from your wretched world, oh dear god
    i wish to feel pain, just not from the heart
    let me bleed, bleed, and bleed some more
    give me a four, just show me the number four
    did you not know... that is my favorite door?
    i will turn the door knob and walk through, i will
    just let me fall, fall, and hit the floor
    forgive me, i am sorry, sorry for hoping
    always wishing, forever wishing to die
    so let me be, please let me be
    just to free me from your wretched world, oh dear god
    did you not know... my favorite number is
    a lovely four?

    so very cold and lonely world to be
    with not a single one to care for me
    far away from the surface i live under the dirt
    not one has ever noticed the day of my birth
    like the last snowflake to fall down to earth
    drifting in solitude to be the last to melt
    not a single mourn is heard... or felt
    i was dead before i was born
    defeated by time, and all torn
    now i lay alone as always in this basket
    still grieving from within this casket
    not a single flower is laid beside my tombstone
    just waiting for the last of my flesh to rot to bone
    farewell secluded and forsaken world of my own

    this night, while i lay
    i weep, i wail, i howl!

    death will ease the pain,
    the pain from my heart being eaten!

    my very soul is stolen away from me,
    consumed by the one who once loved me!

    i have been deceived! you liar! you fat liar!

    my haven is shattered!
    my joy is vaporized!
    the future i anticipated, is in flames!

    there is nothing to look forward to
    because there is nothing left to look forward to!
    the only thing to look forward to
    is for the ever declining, of my life!

    angel no longer
    like ashes drifting from afar, exiled from the heavens
    sailing through the wet skies with gutted wings
    slowly falling like a leaf stolen from its branches
    crashing to the ground the sound of thunder
    still i lay about the floor dirtied with crimson
    my arms widespread against the earth, embracing the dirt
    the feathers dance like grass against the wind
    the days of being an angel are defeated and crushed to dust
    falsely believed to be a guardian, an angel no longer

    my pillow
    of all the long, dark, and lonely days
    you, my pillow, were always there beside me
    of all the cold winter nights, and terrible hailstorms
    you, my pillow, were always there to keep me warm
    of all the days that i have sorrowed and cried
    you, my pillow, were always there to dry my eyes
    of all the bad dreams, and my nightmares
    you, my pillow, were always there to catch my fears
    of all the hours and minutes and seconds that i have lived
    you, my dear pillow, were always there.


    ... and so you always will be.
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    Good poems,thanks for sharing. :heart:
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