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  1. painfulbliss

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    What About You?

    Many nights I lay in bed,
    Contemplating suicide,
    Wishing I were dead.
    Then I think of you,
    And wonder what kinds of crazy things would you do?
    Would you commit suicide, too?
    How would that affect your mind?
    Would everything sneak up from behind,
    And eat at your soul and make you blind?
    Would you be mad and curse my name?
    Or would you be sad and give in to the pain?
    You’d probably feel helpless,
    And find there’s nothing left to gain.
    I worry for you,
    Although I don’t think you do for me.
    But maybe I am mistaken
    And your heart truly does ache.
    If I take my life away,
    Will you live another day?

    My Final Goodbye

    It is now I know my fate
    Come tomorrow,
    It'll be too late
    I'm drowning in my sorrow
    With my bleeding wrist,
    I'm on the floor,
    I'm choosing not to live
    My life anymore
    This is my suicide,
    My one final goodbye
    You won't have any clue
    How I'm about to die
    Beaten and broken,
    Can't live this anymore
    My mind has spoken
    I'll die on the floor
    My heart's broken,
    My feelings hurt,
    I'm too emotional,
    So you push me in the dirt
    Nothing left in this life for me
    If only people could see
    My presence
    That will soon be existence free
    This is my suicide,
    My one final goodbye
    And you won't have any clue
    How I'm about to die.

    A Suicide Note

    Dear officer

    For you’ll be the only one who might care
    probably just because you got stuck with the paper work
    Sorry about that.
    Well what should I say?
    They sure don’t teach you how to write a suicide note in school, now do they?
    I’d say I’m sorry,
    but I’m not.
    I would like to ask you but one favor,
    if that is all right.
    Can you ask her (my mother) if she knew I was depressed:
    If she says yes ask her why she didn’t do anything.
    If she says no then ask her how she didn’t notice my last 5 suicide attempts,
    its pretty hard to miss stuff like that.
    I’ve been suicidal since grade 6 or 7.
    Thank you for your time, officer.
    Once again sorry about the paper work.
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    Awesome poems hun :hug: Thanks for sharing!
  3. Izziebabystar

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    babe these are realy realy goood
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