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    hey...i'm new so i guess i'll just post a bunch of my poems...enjoy

    Beneath My Skin

    Darkness surrounding me,
    Choking me inside,
    Spreading to me all around,
    I feel that I must hide,
    Within myself where I alone,
    Can see the pain I’m in,
    And the darkness deep inside,
    Will be beneath my skin.

    So no one can see,
    And no one can label,
    Or refer to me as,
    The girl unstable.
    Or see me and think,
    How sorry they are,
    I don’t want pity,
    If they see my scar,
    Of my world shattered,
    And my heart breaking,
    Seeing inside me,
    Is not for the taking.

    So all that is weak,
    And all that is bad,
    Will be beneath my skin,
    So that I don’t look sad,
    Or get any of the pity,
    Or the drugs or the stains,
    Of being seen as,
    The girl bound in chains.

    I don’t want your pity,
    I don’t want your gapes,
    I just need to know,
    How to escape,
    From the darkness gnawing,
    Inside of me,
    I need it to go,
    And let me be.

    ‘Cus the darkness is surrounding me,
    It’s choking me inside,
    And spreading to me all around,
    So I feel that I must hide,

    Within myself where I alone,
    Can see the pain I’m in,
    And the darkness deep inside,
    Will be beneath my skin.

    Black and Red

    Black tears raining on the earth,
    Red blood flowing out,
    Scattered dreams ending now,
    No more time to doubt.
    Black and red to poison me,
    To make me disappear,
    To cut me quickly, let me die,
    Until I am not here.
    Drown me slowly, cut me quickly,
    Rip my heart in half,
    Stab me, choke me, make me die,
    No longer will I laugh.
    Black tears streaking down my face,
    Red blood staining skin,
    Hope vanishing from my view,
    And darkness still within.
    Black and red to engulf me,
    To make me slowly die,
    To rip me from the life I knew,
    And make me say goodbye.
    Knock me down, kill me quickly,
    Let me fade away,
    Into black-red of tears and blood,
    To the darkness I’ll obey.


    Every day gets harder,
    To make myself awake,
    Because every day I have,
    To go and be a fake.

    Every day I scream,
    And break apart inside,
    Yet no one ever knows,
    Or ever sees how I cried.

    And when the dawn has broken,
    And the sun sets anew,
    The darkness burns upon my skin,
    And sticks like a tattoo.

    And when dawn returns,
    It breaks into my dreams,
    And brings me to reality,
    Where no one hears my screams.

    Dawn of Shattered Dreams

    In the dawn of shattered dreams,
    Where no light shall be found,
    You will find me beaten and broken,
    My hands completely bound.
    You will come and I will help,
    The sun will set once more,
    And you shall leave me beaten and broken,
    Shackled to the floor.
    You’ll disappear and leave me there,
    Broken, crying out,
    But in the dawn of shattered dreams,
    None will hear my shout.
    So there I’ll lay in shattered dreams,
    A whisper in the night,
    Someone come and rescue me,
    Bring me back some light.


    Choking sadness envelops me,
    Just let me cry and leave me be,
    I don’t know how to fight anymore,
    The pain is greater than before.
    My smile withers on my lips,
    And with my knife, my blood drips,
    Flowing out, with all the pain,
    Falling droplets of pure red rain,
    But inside of me the sadness is there,
    Choking me in it’s eternal despair.
    I don’t know how I’ll endure,
    When I can’t find myself a cure.
    So tell me now how can I fight?
    When despair is all that’s in my sight.


    Release yourself to the darkness within,
    See the silver gleam,
    Release yourself to the temptation inside,
    Let out one more scream.

    Don’t hold back, just let it out,
    Release what’s locked inside,
    Let it flow in scarlet red,
    Let the pain subside.

    Feel no sorrow, feel no pain,
    Allow it all to fade,
    No more crying, no more tears,
    No need to be afraid.

    Don’t think, don’t breathe, don’t try to stop,
    Just go and close your eyes,
    Let the darkness envelope you,
    This is your demise.

    When nothing else seems to work,
    Succumb yourself to lies,
    Close yourself to all around,
    This is my demise.

    Shadow in the Mind

    In the times of weeping darkness,
    When black tears stain your eyes,
    Where light is but a memory,
    And darkness paints your skies,
    In this time of choking shadows,
    Of everlasting night,
    Where you are blinded in the dark,
    Where you have lost all sight,
    Of where the surface really is,
    In this tumbling wave,
    For now you sink into the dark,
    You sink into your grave.
    You’ve struggled for so long now,
    Just to keep on sinking,
    And now you’ve run out of hope,
    You can’t help but thinking.
    ‘Cus your hope has run out,
    And all your strength has fled,
    Because you killed your strength,
    When they saw how you’ve bled.
    So now you’re sinking down,
    ‘Cus all your strength is gone,
    Maybe once your breath is out,
    They’ll smile at the Dawn.
    At first it will destroy them,
    How you’ve sunk into the wave,
    But maybe someday,
    They won’t visit your grave,
    And the tears will stop flowing,
    The strength with come back,
    And happiness will return,
    Nothing more will they lack.
    Except for maybe,
    The memory of you,
    How you used to smile,
    How you used to be true.
    But into the wave you are sinking now,
    To become a shadow in the mind,
    Of all those who remember you,
    Of those you left behind.

    sorry it's so long...i actually cut out a ton of poems because of the length...let me know what you think :)
  2. snowraven

    snowraven Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum Blacktears. The words of your poems say more than many an introduction I have read. You have a real talent there. It's just a shame that your the feelings you express are coming from such a dark place. A place many of us here know only too well ourselves. I have found an immense amount of help and support from this site and I hope you do too. I look forward to reading more of your poems and hope that one day you will find yourself in a place of light where you will be able to write of happier things. Best wishes to you, S.
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