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    I seem to only have had any capability for writing anymore (in YEARS) at this single two month period in time in which I was falling apart from missing my best friend (not just missing, but our relationship falling apart. long story short. I don't feel like explaining.)

    I've always felt like sharing them but never have.. so here we go.. (they are all untitled)

    What do I do when the formulas don't add up?
    I saw your smile in my face today
    Where do I go when my womb has been ripped?
    Rotting and deteriorating
    I might as well eat what's left so
    I can feel it in me from time to time
    To beat down the nostalgia you left me
    What's worse than confrontation?
    The sound of nothing
    I can't hear you scream
    I can't hear you scream at me
    What do I listen to when your music is dead?


    Scour for your boundaries
    While you have the time
    Resemblance is scarce
    But lingers
    Some pieces can never be removed
    But may be rearranged
    I am one of them


    An arrow, sickened with stupidity
    Strikes as I can not let go
    Dark hues circle
    I am swallowed
    In forever
    Tricks of time assemble
    Varying in degree
    They are always ready for a good laugh
    Willows reach for their beginning
    I sit in their shadow observing
    It's such a slow process, I can not be patient
    I don't have that kind of time
    Words form to leak the wounds
    Something must be calculated
    Before permanent encryption


    Also, I don't know why anybody would want to (we are are own worst critic) but please don't take anything from this. I never post any writing on the internet .. poems and such.. because there's no way to watermark it but I trust that all on this site understand how deep and important a person's own written words are.

    And a last note.. I can't force myself to paint or write when I'm not able to (if I could I wouldn't be on a 6 year writing hiatus still) but these three just flew out of me over two months and it was really like bad emotions flowing out of me and on to paper. I've never quite had drawing or writing do this to me to THAT extent. It was almost supernatural.
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