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Ignore this

I feel so suicidal right now. I don't want anyone to worry about me (I'm not worth it) but I really really want to kill myself tonight. I'll probably make it through, but I hope I don't. I hate myself. No point in even writting this, nothing helps. I'm a piece of shit.
I can't ignore this. You are too sweet and too kind to ignore this. I hope you do see it through tonight b/c you are worth so much more than you can see at this moment. PM me or MSN me if you need to talk.



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Dear Mal;

You are NOT a piece of shit, even tho you may feel like it. I know the feeling. I had it myself last nite, but today I feel some better. I pray that your bad feelings will dissipate soon. YOu are a valued member here and you are my friend. Please be gentle with yourself. You deserve kindness.

sending love and hugs,:hug: :flowers: :hug:




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Mal I'll be on msn most of the night, message me anytime if you need to. My msn is in my profile if you havent got it already. Hang in there hun :hug: :hug: :hug:


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Mal, I can safely say that you are not a piece of shit. You are a great person and you do not deserve to be in this pain.. please reach out to us here and please know that you are most definitely cared for. Please please don't harm yourself. If i can help in any way please let me know.. I think you're great :) :hug:
Mal, you echo my feelings about where I am at so well. Only I disagree with you. You are a fantastic, witty person. You have graced our lives with your wisdom in so many ways. Please stay safe, despite the terrible feelings that creep in to destroy you. Force them out. Please stay safe Mal. :hug:
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Agrees with Abacus!!!!!Hugs to you both.im here if either of you need to talk [or anyone else for that matter] and its nice to see you around too Abacus!!!
I have to agree with everyone who has posted on this. Mal i loves ya, your such a great guy and you are deffiantly not a piece of shit. Please stay safe hun.



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Mal my Pal....were here for you hun....please please be safe...lean on us...let it all out...talk to us...dont give up...you are so worth it.....please be ok....thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers......BIG HUGS!!!


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Hey your no coward Mister!!!!AFter all youve battled through.YOur no coward at all.YOur the opposite....your wonderful and brave and you may not feel strong right now but you are.Big hugs if wanted!!!im sorry you feel so low.im here for you anytime Mal and i wish i could do more,something to help more....sorry.....but i am here.
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