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    I'm panicky, I'm stressed , I'm nervous, I'm a big wound up mess... I can't sleep I'm exercising although I want to do more (like much much more) but I don't think I can because I'm not eating enough..and I started cutting again to get some relief... My mind is racing I just want it to stop I need everything to stop . I'm beginning to feel worthless again and life is begging to feel pointless again... It's like a feeling of pressure building inside...
    My mind has gone back and forth between feeling ok for awhile and then I have a week or two were I come back down and my mind feels like a nut job.
    I'm sorry for ranting , I really debated not putting this up but I want someone to care.. I know people in my life care about me but they don't know how I feel, I don't tell anyone how I feel because it's not my nature to really share how I feel, either because I'm to busy caring about everyone else or The big one where I feel like my emotions don't matter, I'm weird and insecure and I just don't want to be looked at differently... Again I'm sorry for the rant this is almost embarrassing to post but I just want someone to know how I feel because I can't hold it in anymore.
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    don't be sorry or embarrassed, we all need to vent and rant. You feel much better afterwards and that doesn't make you a bad person at all for doing it. It's only natural to express our feelings. But I understand feeling embarrassed about it because I did a rant too a few days ago and felt really like I shouldn't have...but having a few people comment on it kind of reassured me and made me feel better.

    keep expressing yourself here, people listen and care and they don't judge :hug:
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    Thank you for responding... Yea I know I shouldn't feel embarrassed I like the people here and they help sometimes I just feel lonely and like I annoy people so I don't want to post , I get nervous a lot about how others see me I guess :/
    But thank you truly for responding..
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    No rant is pointless. Hope you are feeling a little better now because of it! :)