Politics rant (geek alert)

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    Im sorry, this probably isnt the place but seriously - this has pissed me right off and i would like a good old shout.

    I can BELIEVE that Boris Johnson has been voted Mayor of London - he is a dopey, racist embarrasment.

    and people are saying "he speaks the truth"?!?!

    he describe black people as "pickaninis with watermelon smiles"

    and just pages and pages of other upset and gaffes.

    He says gay marriage is a "ludicrious parody of marriage" and that if you legalise it, you should legalise marriage between men and dogs.

    He is a fucking fool, and people are saying that he is likable. HE IS RUNNING LONDON, not writing a little blog.

    Im angry and fed up with narrow minded bigoted twats in this country.

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    maybe i should of put this in soap box.