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I just dont ever feel happy anymore, and at night time its the worst and is my low point. In the next few weeks I will be losing my friend who lives with me and my other best friend, because both of them are going to college. Im also sort of in love with my other friend whos leaving and ill miss her alot. And im afraid ill never get to talk to her or see her again and that makes methink about not wanting to live anymore.

I dont know or think thats reason enough to kill myself but it sure makes me deeply depressed thinking about it all the time.
Hey noodle, I like the name by the way :wink:

I think I've found that nighttime is the worst time for me too. I'm not sure what it is about it. Sorry to hear about your friends. Sure you can set up some way to keep in touch with them where they're going off too? How far away are their colleges? I'm sure you will be missing them alot.. and if you're in love with one of them then definitely miss her loads. I'm sorry they're going away. I'm sure there must be some way you guys can keep in touch.. and maybe they can visit on vacations or breaks.

I'm sure it'll be alright, as for being depressed and is that enough of a reason to kill yourself? There's no situation that is or is not enough to kill yourself.. anything can push anyone over their limit.. but I hope this is not your final push. I hope you stay around here and continue to talk.. think you'll find it can help a tleast some

pm me anytime

:hug: take care
Hey there, welcome to the forum. Yeah, it's that time of year when students are departing from their homes and moving away to campus to start at university or college and move on to the next stage of their life. There's 2 girls who were good friends at the school I used to go to, they were seperated because one was going to a university in Wales and another in England and it's sad but they haven't lost contact. I actually seen them in the City centre the other day so they are still friends. Just because people move away doesn't mean they can't or won't keep in contact with friends and family back home and they can visit too when they have the time, or during the holidays however the university timetable works. You could write to each other as well, or phone each other. Maybe it's best for you to talk to your friend about how you're feeling and how much you're worrying about losing contact with her. After a chat maybe you will feel better. Take care of yourself, and I hope everything works out. :hug:
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